Michigan Driver’s Responsibility Fees

Effective October 1, 2003 the State of Michigan adopted driver responsibility fees.The driver responsibility fees have been described as a tax, but they are fees that are paid to the State of Michigan for moving violations (tickets).

Category 1 – Annual Fee for 7 or More Points.

The first category of fees is for drivers that have 7 or more points on their driver’s license. The fees are as follows:

7 Points = 100.00 8 Points = 150.00 9 Points = 200.00
10 Points = 250.00 11 Points = 300.00 12 Points = 350.00
13 Points = 400.00 14 points = 450.00 15 Points = 500.00
16 points = 550.00 17 Points = 600.00 18 Points = 650.00

Category 2 – Annual Fees for Specific Driving Offenses.

The second type of Driver Responsibility fee is for specific offenses. Some common offenses are as follows:

Operating while Intoxicated = 2,000.00
Operating while Impaired = 1,000.00
Driving while License Suspended = 1,000.00
No Proof of Insurance = 400.00
Drove with Expired Driver’s License = 300.00

You may get a copy of your driving record by going to www.michigan.gov/sos and select Driver’ License & State ID or by calling 517-322-1624. Additionally you can get a copy at the nearest Secretary of State.

Fees need to be paid in check or money order payable to “State of Michigan” and sent to: Collection Division, Michigan Department of Treasury, P.O. Box 30199, Lansing MI 48909-7699

Installment agreements are available for fees over 500.00 dollars.

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